Oversight Committee

The following members of the U2 group board are also members of the Oversight Committee responsible for overseeing all aspects of the provision of the benchmarks.

Geoffrey Wyatt

Chair of the Oversight Committee

Geoffrey joined U2 Diamonds as CEO in January 2018. Prior to this he worked as a consultant at RBS PLC most recently in the COO department specialising in the recent Benchmark regulatory changes that went live at the beginning of 2018. His previous roles were as a member of the deal team responsible for the disposal of the Equity Derivatives business to BNPP and business manager for the Equity Finance business. In 2007 he was COO and co-founder of a multi strategy hedge fund seeded by ABN AMRO having previously been Head of Business Development in the Equity and Equity Derivatives Department at ABN AMRO which also included commodity retail products. In 1997 he left Robert Fleming after 13 years working for the Equity Derivative department.

Charles Wyndham

Deputy Chair of the Oversight Committee

Charles has been in the diamond industry for over 40 years. He was a director of the CSO, De Beers' selling arm, before deciding to leave De Beers to set up his own diamond businesses in 1995.

He is co-founder of WWW International Diamond Consultants Ltd (WWW) and is engaged in related businesses, mainly with others whose skills are based on the company's expertise in technology, the gathering of detailed market information and a wide range of contacts.

The key of his success is the true independent nature of his business and the contacts with which he is involved. WWW has had a joint venture with the Aboriginal Diamond Group (ADG) through Diamonds International Canada ( DICAN) , and since 1998 has been the Government Diamond Valuator for the Federal Government of Canada and now for the Government of the North West Territories. It also acts as the Government Diamond Valuator for the Government of Ontario. A full list of the clients of WWW may be found on its website www.diamondwww.com.

Charles holds an MA in Jurisprudence from Oxford University.

Richard Platt


After graduating with an Honours degree in Statistics from the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology in 1979, Richard worked for De Beers for 22 years, before leaving to take over WWW Diamond Forecasts Ltd.

He studied diamond polishing under the tutelage of Gabi Tolkowski, and used this knowledge to write the mathematical models used for describing the manufacturing process. He has unique experience of modelling consumer behaviour and was responsible for creating De Beers pricing scenarios. He is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and is currently studying for a PhD in statistics.

Richard is responsible for creating the indices and all related data issues for U2diamondprices.com’s prices.

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